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FJA law office is a professional firm focused on the legal aspects of investments, international trade, and other commercial issues. We have an extensive educational background and over 15 years experience in working in various governmental and non-governmental agencies dealing with domestic and cross border transactions of trade and services. Our principal attorneys have specialized in areas of international economic and business law and have previously worked in various agencies such as the Ethiopian Investment Commission and other commercial regulatory bureaus and research institutions.
Our current clients include local, foreign and multinational businesses, non-governmental stakeholders, business associations, governmental bureaus as well as regional agencies and organisations. We know how to navigate the intricate maze of economic regulations, and we have a successful track of helping clients through our strategic legal counseling. For clients that are planning to enter the Ethiopian market, a partnership with FJA Law office ensures you that your investment and trade are legally structured to maximize efficiency and stability, which will in turn generate measurable business value.
Some of the unique sets of advantages our clients receive for choosing our law offices are:
• Comprehensive representation, skill, experience, cost-effective local support and an exceptional client service
• Extensive history of working successfully with the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Ministry of Trade ,Ministry of Industry , Ethiopian Revenue and customs Authority and many other government agencies
• Versatile capabilities and knowledge to deploy international and national legal expertise across a range of practice areas such as international and regional economic law, international investments law, international financial compliance procedures and others
• Outstanding reputation for integrity, quality and leadership, as well as extensive community involvement
• Competitive, affordable rates